Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners Stage

Master Gardeners from the tri-state area will present educational seminars and discussions. You won’t want to miss out.

Master Gardener Stage Schedule

Thursday – March 2nd

Noon-12:45 – Chad Shaw –  Landscaping Connectivity at the Botanical Conservatory

1:00p-2:00p – Pam Snyder – Container Gardening-Back Porch Gardening

2:30p-3:15p – Vegetable Team – Veggie Garden for Beginners

3:30p-4:15p – Yolande Black – The”Bees Knees”

4:30p-5:15p – Penny Alles – Right Plant, Right Spot !

6:00p-6:45p – Stephanie Bailey – Digging Deep – The emotional side of gardening

Friday – March 3rd

Noon-12:45 – Bill Oliver – Old Gardener’s Tales

1:00p-1:45p – Judith Nastally – Container Gardens with Native Perennials

2:30p-3:15p – Ft.Wayne Rivers Group – Bringing the Rivers into Your Life

3:30p-4:15p – Penny Alles – The “A” List – The Beauty of Annuals

4:30p-5:15p – Martha Ferguson – Backyard Biodiversity can be Beautiful

Saturday – March 4th

11:00a-11:45a – Betsy Yankowiak – How the plant in YOUR yard, can hurt our Wild Spaces

Noon-12:45p – Pam Snyder – Growing Herbs in your Home

1:00p-1:45p – Cynthia Beineke – Flower Photography for Fumble Fingers!

2:00p-3:00p – Bill Oliver – The only Good Bug is a Live Bug

3:30p-4:15p – Deb Kohlmeier – No Child Left Inside

4:30p-5:15p – Stacy Haviland – How Native Plants are used in Local Projects

Sunday – March 5th

1:00-1:45p – Ricky Kemery – Flower Favorites