MBN Properties

Appearance Schedule

Thursday – Saturday at
11:30a, 2:30p & 5:30p

Sunday at
11:30a & 2:15p

Learn from Local Real Estate Pros!

Come meet the guys from MBN Properties. Tabbed for an HGTV pilot in 2017 called Small Town, Big Flip; these 4 brothers/friends are local experts in the real estate industry!

They specialize in reconstruction and rehab of affordable homes and can teach you the tips, tricks, trade secrets of the industry! Plus they can even offer up some advice for your own home project.

Discussion Topics!


  • 11:30a – Easy DIY Home Fixes
  • 2:30p – Resale Tips from the Pros
  • 5:30p – Home Flipping Workshop


  • 11:30a – Resale Tips from the Pros
  • 2:30p – Home Flipping Workshop
  • 5:30p – Easy DIY Home Fixes


  • 11:30a – Home Flipping Workshop
  • 2:30p – Easy DIY Home Fixes
  • 5:30p – Resale Tips from the Pros


  • 11:30a – Home Flipping Workshop
  • 2:15p – Easy DIY Home Fixes
About MBN Properties!

MBN Properties has all the appeal and proximity of a local real estate company, but with the experience of a real estate giant! We will guide you through every aspect of the purchase, sale, or lease of residential real estate in the Northern Indiana area.

The owners combine for over 45 years of real estate experience, with extensive backgrounds in home contruction and rehabilitation. It is their mission to ensure that each one of their customers finds the home that best suits their needs.

Read more about MBN Properties on their website!