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Show Overview

Thank you for your consideration! Here are few reason’s we feel exhibiting with us will help you make the most of your marketing dollars!

  • We proudly offer the largest home show in Northeast Indiana!
    • Attracting nearly 50,000 shoppers from the 45-county, tri-state area of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan!
    • All to one location!
    • Over only 4 days!
    • Generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct sales!
  • Our showgoers are well qualified…
    • 90% are homeowners
    • 55% female / 45% male
    • Over 60% plan to make home improvements within the next year
  • Your investment with our show is highly measurable!
    • If we don’t perform for you, we know you won’t be back.
    • So we work hard and invest heavily to promote the show!
Proudly entering our 47th year of business!
We average nearly 50,000 showgoers in 4 days!
We invest in our show with over $150,000 spent on marketing
Our exhibit space has sold out 7 years in a row! Act now or you’ll be on the waiting list!

Time Lapse Video

So what does all that history, data and effort result in, you ask? Well here’s a recent time lapse taken from our main expo area balcony… on a Friday afternoon!

Exhibit Space Info


10′ x 10′ Inline


10′ x 10′ Corner


4 or More Spaces

10% discount


Per exhibit space purchased

  • 8 foot tall drape backdrop
  • 3 foot tall side drape
  • (1) parking pass
  • Exhibitor Badges
    • (8) badges (under 300 sf)
    • (16) badges (over 300 sf)

Per company, not per exhibit space purchased.

  • (1) 110-volt electrical outlet
  • (10) VIP complimentary tickets

Additional Info

Available hook ups

The following are available at an additional charge, if needed.

  • Electricity – Additional 208 volt or 110 volt outlets
  • Water
  • Natural gas
  • Built-in telephone
  • Wireless (wi-fi) access

Exhibitor Forms

Please note – We are accepting applications from our 2019 vendors, we give our vendors first chance to renew. We will start accepting applications from new companies in May.

Contracted Exhibitors

The following links are show specific and updated versions for the 2021 show will be posted in Winter 2020.

Letter to Exhibitors
Exhibitor Manual
Exhibitor Decorator Kit
Utilities Order Form

The following links are valid for any show and can be used for reference anytime.

Booth Guidelines
Exhibitor Discount Ticket Offer
Liability Insurance Form
Exhibitor Services Form (Phone/Wifi)
How to Maximize Profits at an H&G Show
IAEE Booth Rules
Health Permit Cover Letter
Hotel Guide near Coliseum

Floor Plans

Expo Room Main Floor

Expo Room Conference Hall

Garden Gallery

Exhibitor FAQs

We schedule our move in, so that everyone can have a loading dock time. We will send out your move in times in early February.

No, at 5:00 pm on Sunday you may begin to tear down your booth. We will allow carts and hand carry only on Sunday evening. Beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Monday you will be allowed to drive in to loading dock area and pack up. It is first come first served.

Everyone needs to be out by 3:00pm on Monday with the exception of the Garden Hall, you need to be out by 12:00pm on Tuesday.

Exhibitor badges are distributed according to exhibit size:

  • 300 square feet and under will receive 8 exhibitor badges at no charge.
  • Exhibits sized 300 square feet or more will receive sixteen exhibitor badges.
  • You can purchase additional badges at $10 for a sheet of 8.

You will get I parking pass per 10×10 exhibit space. You may purchase additional passes for $25 each

Yes, we do require you to have floor covering for your booth space. We also require the use of Gaffer’s tape when securing your flooring. If you use a tape that leaves any residue you will be billed the cost of clean up.

Show office in located near the loading areas by dock 12. You are welcome at any time, with questions or concerns.

Exhibitor lounge is located near the show office & also in Garden Hall.

All food and beverages to be sampled must abide by the following standards:

  • Solid foods will be limited to bite size portions.
  • Liquids will be no larger than a four ounce cup
  • NO popcorn giveaways
  • Only companies who manufacture the sampled product, or use said product in the day-to-day process of doing business are permitted to bring their own samples.
  • All other food exhibitors will purchase said food from the building concessionaire at cost plus twenty percent (20%)
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to comply with all health and safety requirements and to obtain all necessary permits required by the City of Fort Wayne, and the State of Indiana.

All exhibit spaces are 10 feet by 10 feet or increments thereof. Displays must be built and installed to comply with the enclosed guidelines of the
International Association of Exhibition Management (IAEM).

Exhibitor is responsible for collecting any sales or use taxes.

Booths must be staffed at all times, during show hours.

ABSOLUTELY NO working in the aisles!

  • You must remain inside your booth perimeter while dealing with your customers.
  • If you do not comply you will not be invited back to the show.

You and your company are liable for any damages you may incur to the facility.

Drapery colors are green/silver in the garden hall and black/silver in the main hall.

Floors must be protected against any substance that can stain or damage floor.

No photography allowed of any other booth space but your own, unless you have their permission.

Nothing may be fastened to building walls and/or floors without using approved tape or fastening materials.

Do not leave anything in the aisles that you do not want thrown away. Booth cleaning is your responsibility; you may rent this service from the official show decorator.

Any show-sponsored contest is for the sole purpose to draw patrons to the show, therefore no exhibitor, exhibitor family, show personnel and their families, or the media are eligible to win.