Exhibitor Info

We're excited to celebrate our 46th anniversary!
We average nearly 50,000 showgoers in 4 days!
We invest in our show with over $100,000 spent on marketing
Our exhibit space has sold out 6 years in a row! Act now or you'll be on the waiting list!

Why exhibit?

Our top-notch consumer show does what your company cannot do alone: bring large numbers of highly interested people together from the 45 counties of the tri-state area, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, to see your products and services in a contemporary, convenient, and beautiful setting.
Small-business owners have several advertising and marketing options, but in today’s economy you simply can’t do all the advertising you’d like to! You have to make choices, based on what will really help you sell your product or service. Generating direct sales is the key advantage of the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show. Each year our show attracts approximately 50,000 people to the Memorial Coliseum, making it the Midwest’s largest consumer show!
We assume you are here because word-of-mouth isn’t pulling enough weight for you. Traditional marketing like radio, TV & newspaper leaves you hoping and wondering. Consumer show marketing allows you to interact with your potential customers. You can make direct sales or at the very least learn what your potential customer objections are and form strategies to overcome them.

Prices & Forms

Download the brochure or application for more info!

Booth Space

10′ x 10′ inline

10′ x 10′ corner

4 or more spaces
10% discount

Price Includes

These are per booth space purchased.

  • 8 foot tall drape backdrop
  • 3 foot tall side drape
  • (1) parking pass
  • (8) exhibitor badges (under 300 sf)
  • (16) exhibitor badges (over 300 sf)
Also included

These are per company, not per booth space purchased.

  • (1) 110-volt electrical outlet
  • (10) VIP complimentary tickets

Floor Plans

Expo Room Main Floor

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Expo Room Expansion

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Garden Gallery Floor Plan

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