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Press Releases

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Phone: 260-432-1705
Fax: 888-441-3148

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Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
4000 Parnell Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

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Fort Wayne Shows
P.O. Box 44
Monrovia, IN 46157

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For information about the show, or exhibiting please contact:

Becky Williamson
Fort Wayne Shows

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For marketing, advertising & media inquiries please contact:

Ryan Marshall

Current Commercial

Our founding father, Ernie, believed in creating commercials that were memorable, funny and pushed the envelope a little. His philosophy was that everyone knows to expect home improvement products and services to be at a home & garden show, so why use valuable commercial time to talk about the obvious. Tell people about the fun stuff, the entertainment value the show brings… and make the commercials stand out! So that that’s what we do, year after year!

FWHGS 20 – Dr. Lori – 30tv

FWHGS 20 – Dr. Lori – 10tv

FWHGS 20 – Mad Dog & Merrill – 10tv

FWHGS 20 – Melinda Myers – 10tv